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    04.02.15 @ 06:26 AM
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    Default Graphics card issues!

    ok i thought i'd post this just incase anyone else has been suffering the same problems i have recently.

    a little while ago i started getting a problem with my graphics drivers on my pc
    a Philips hepc7602/05 with an nvidia 9600gt graphics card and windows home premium operating system.
    whenever i tried playing a game it instantly crashed with an error message saying "display driver nvlddmkm stopped working but has recovered"
    no matter what i did i could not resolve the issue, i updated all my drivers for all the hardware/software on my computer, searched microsft knowledge base (which pointed to a problem with windows server!), i set my resolution settings as low as they would go and even tried running games in their lowest resolutions settings...just as i was about to format my hard drive i discovered (after much searching and head banging!) that the issue is caused by Microsoft themselves!
    it was an automatic update that related to server 2008, hotfix KB952287
    i have since uninstalled this update and set microsft update to ignore it in the future and everything is running perfectly (which is great because i had just purchased the Fallout 3 expansion packs).

    the reason im posting this is because it appears a lot of people i have spoken to have had (and still have) this problem, and thought i would be good to share the solution

    if this helps 1 person then im happy.

    And with that I'm off to the kitchen to make myself a lesbian omelette...LLFHS in response to one of Graeme's post's

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    10.11.14 @ 02:02 AM
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    That's not the first time MS has caused problems like that. A lady from church called me to take a look at her laptop, because she couldn't get on the internet any more. Nothing I did seemed to work. I got on the internet with my laptop an found out that a hot fix the MS issued causes problems with the wireless on her particular model laptop. I uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless card. Viola, I'm a God because she could get back on Facebook.
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