(To OJ) "Can I borrow some of your football cards?"
(To Phil Spectre) "Can you hold this gun a minute?"
(To Richard Gere) "My kids have the class hamster for the summer"
(To Madonna) "Those kids are so cute. Makes you want to just put them in your pocket and take them home"
(To Hitler) "Fancy popping out for pierogi?"
(To Mama Cass) "Ham sandwich?"
(To Christian Bale) "I'm just going to move this light"
(To Sammy Hagar) "Ever tried tequila?"
(To Fred Phelps) "ABBA fan?"
(To James Dean) "Race you back"
(To Bill Clinton) "I'd like you to meet my girlfriend"
(To John Hinckley) "I'm going to see the new De Niro flick"
(To Keith Richards) "I'm thirsty"
(To the LAPD) "What's a taser?"