I had a little trouble finding lacquer-based sanding sealer locally (with Rockler's being a good 45 minutes away) and could only find it in a can at the local Ace Hardware. Needless to say, S/S in a can could leave results that are not great. Enter the Preval Spray system!!!

I don't think I would use them for spraying my colour coats or clears, but as far as spraying sanding sealer- these are AWESOME. Cheap as chips ($5 for a bottle and propellant, $4 for propellant refills), these little wonders found at Home Depot are just the ticket for spraying stuff that was seemingly unsprayable!!! Just mix your S/S, pour in with a funnel, spray, then take your sprayer (tube first) into a can of acetone, spray a bit to clean the tube and spray nozzle and you're golden!!!

Please note- those of your who are considering catalysed urethane probably can't use Preval Sprayers. These are probably only suitable for lacquer and acrylics. The orange peel is pretty bad with these, but for Sanding Sealer, these are PERFECT.

Side note update on the guitar formerly known as Jamie: After multiple, multiple coats of sanding sealer and subsequent sandbacks, I may FINALLY have the remnants of the tape stripes and vinyl letters out of the sealer coat. A sandback tonight or tomorrow will reveal whether or not this is true. If so, then one pic of her with the smooth sealer coat will be on here and the primer's on next.

Stay tuned...