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    04.17.12 @ 03:02 PM
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    A lot of us here, have wondered what archival gems Van Halen has locked away in the vaults. Based on comments they've made in recent years, somehow I don't think Ed & Al would be interested in drudging up "nostalgia" stuff but what about Dave? Surely, he must have some ownership to the unreleased classic music, concert videos or what have you. My question is this, If Dave himself wanted to dust off a lot the old archival stuff and make it available to the paying public, would he have to get approval from Ed, Al and Mike to do it?

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    01.15.19 @ 05:39 AM
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    I would believe he'd have to agreement with ed al & mike. Also not sure what rights WB retained to the back catalog either... could be a legal nightmare to release anything...
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    02.20.07 @ 03:36 PM
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    I believe Ed also has the original multi-track tapes to all the sessions locked away in 5150. I've read he has the multi-tracks to the original 1977 demos, so I wouldn't be surprised if he also has the rest of the session tapes, including out-takes from albums like 1984, etc. In fact, that would make sense. You notice how very little has been released concerning Van Halen studio-outtakes. THAT'S WHY I LOVE YA got leaked because it was on early promotional copies of the 3 album. About half an hour of outtakes from the WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST sessions somehow got leaked. And some sessions from 5150. Also the early demos, probably because they were passed around a bit by Ted Templeman. But that's about it. I think Ed still has the tapes, and if Roth wanted to put a project out, he'd have to deal with the brothers because it would be Van Halen product and Ed has the tapes.

    Of course, with the band leaving the company and Warners owning the masters, I wouldn't be surprised if this all changed.
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