Well, I am the proud owner of one. Don't let the name scare you into it being something for *just* the remixer and rap dude- it's a serious, purpose-built music laptop with some kick-ass DAW's and such. Yes, you can produce MUSIC, not just rap and remixing ballocks on here.

Besides being a rocker, I am also a producer of dance/torture music, and so far- I love this thing. Just get a good audio interface, and you can record some kick ass guitar stuff, as well. You can remix your ProTools sessions in this. And Energy could be the DAW that kills ProTools. The drum machine is pretty good, though I would like something that would support the cymbal choking in my TrapKat. Otherwise, this thing would replace almost all of my e-drum modules. And it's Linux-based, so it won't crash like Microsoft crap!!! But overall, I am happy with this unit thus far and I only see unlimited potential for this unit.

The support is awesome, as well. Ron has been EXTREMELY patient with me. I admit to being a computer MORON, and my hand has been held well thus far.

I just gotta give a shout out and mad props for Indamixx!!! Yes, I am a white guy with a funny accent that spoke in urbanese...