This thread is dedicated to Astra, the premiere progressive rock band from San Diego, California, USA. Astra are:
-Richard Vaughan (guitar/mellotron/moog/vocals)
-Conor Riley (guitar/mellotron/arp odyssey/organ/vocals)
-Brian Ellis (guitar, moog)
-Stuart Sclater (bass)
-David Hurley (drums/flute/various noisemakers)
You can find some of their music at their official MySpace Page.

I just purchased their 2009 album The Weirding and it's excellent. 8 songs, two of them over 15 minutes in length. They are melodic, atmospheric, and cinematic in a soundscape-type of way. They remind me of an amalgam of Pink Floyd, Yes, and King Crimson. Definitely music to drive to in the dark. Sounds great on headphones.

Here are some links to reviews of the
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