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    Default Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II Question

    I'm going to be buying a Les Paul kit very soon from Guitar Fetish. The body is made out of Basswood w/ a Rosewood fingerboard. My question to you guys is has anyone used these pickups and if anyone knows how these pickups sound in a basswood body. I'm gonna try and base this guitar off of Slash's Les Paul, and I would like to know. Thanks!

    Either the neck position, the bridge position, or in both (neck and bridge).

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    I would seriously consider one of these:

    If you are tryin to get a Salsh LP tone, basswood ain't the way to go. I am certain that the Guitar Fetish kit is a nice kit; however, it won't sound much like an LP with the maple neck and basswood body core.

    Also, the neck tenon on the Bulldog LP is pre-shaped- a HUGE plus if you're a novice set-neck builder.

    If it were me, I would definitely get the one-piece neck upgrade.
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