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    Comparing Van HALEN to Van Hagar is like comparing Led Zeppelin to Coverdale/Page or The Firm. Yeah it's still Jimmy Page, but it sounds like shit, ala Van Hagar.

    Roth/Ed Van Halen were a DYNAMIC song writing team. Similar to:


    Now, look at the names above and look what they did individually.......

    Mick Jagger: Made a few shitty solo albums and one decent one. Overall: Crap

    Keith Richards: Made a few solo albums with his "bar band". Overall: Crap

    John Lennon: Made several solo albums with Yoko. A few decent songs, His solo material is not even in the same solar system as his collaborative efforts with the Beatles. Overall solo effort: mediocre

    Paul McCartney: See John Lennon insert Linda.

    Roger Daltrey: The Who....Fantastic lyrics....Solo: Two Words: "Free Me" Overall: Putrid, Stinky SHIT!

    Pete Townshend: A few solo albums, a decent song here and there. Overall: Crap

    Now let's do the same thing with Roth/E. Van Halen.

    David Lee Roth: Solo career 1 stellar album (Eat'em and smile) and a few mediocre/crap albums and one god awful shitty album (YFLM). Overall: Mediocre/Crap.

    E. Van Halen: Solo Career a few albums with Sammy Hagar(a very average solo artist). All the albums were pure shit. A decent song here and there. Overall: Crap

    I include Van HAGAR as Eddie's solo career...such as I do Jimmy The Firm.

    Let's continue and use Page and Plant. Anyone with half a brain knows that Page and Plant were the talent and main songwriters of the band, Up to and including "Presence". Jones and Bonham contributed, but minimally. Most of us will agree, Zep Haters aside, That the albums up to this point were AMAZING.

    Fast forward to the early 80s....Jimmy Page writes songs with Paul Rodgers...they call it "The Firm" Result: Pure Shit! Jimmy could have called it Led Zeppelin (Jimmy owns the name) but he didn't. He respected what it stood for. In 1968 had Jimmy named the band "Page" instead of Led Zep.....I bet you anything in the early 80s he would not have called The Firm, Page.

    Do you see were I am coming from?????? While some may not agree with me, maybe others will.

    BTW...I am not a "Rothtard" or what ever Roth worshippers are called. I would LOVE to see a Van HALEN reunion as much as I'd like to see a Led Zeppelin reunion. However, a Van HAGAR reunion would be about as exciting as The Firm getting back together.

    Sammy Hagar is nothing but Paul Rodgers or David Coverdale...he is artificial, he is filler. David Lee is correct, Edward Van Halen is guilty of wasting time.

    How many say I?
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    That post is either going to get ignored, or you're gonna get creamed for it, so I'll leave you with something positive:

    I don't agree with your statements, but I too like to drink PBR. [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/drunk.gif[/img]

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    Originally posted by PBR Streetgang:

    How many say I?
    I [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Eat Us and Smile!

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    Originally posted by PBR Streetgang:
    Roth/Ed Van Halen were a DYNAMIC song writing team.

    David Lee is correct, Edward Van Halen is guilty of wasting time.

    I agree with the first part, but who broke up that songwriting unit? Given that, seems like Dave is guilty of wasting time too, wouldn't you say? A mediocre (your words) solo career has just been time wasted since a bad decision in 1985.

    BTW, I think Dave made a lot of great solo music personally. Also, Daltrey didn't write hardly anything in the Who.

    Also, this is a topic for the Opinions forum, so I'm going to send it over there. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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