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    01.04.07 @ 11:38 AM
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    I have been reading the posts here for a few weeks now. Some people are pissed because Eddie and the rest haven't handed out any new info...Some are upset because they feel cheated as fans, etc, etc....
    OK, bottom line: VH has been giving us great music for about 25 years now. VH/Eddie is personally responsible for encouraging thousands of us to become musicians/guitarists.
    These are just a few examples of what VH has contributed to our lives.
    All this talk about Dave vs. egos, this thing or that... When's the last time you and a few of your friends could agree on what restaraunt to eat at, or what movie to go see? The band thing is really hard, that's why there are so few really good one's out there.
    For VH to survive losing Diamond Dave and continue on with the success that they found with Sammy was no small feat! I love the original stuff but...
    The Sammy days to me were great! 5150 is a bad ass song!
    So what, they get Gary, make Van Halen 3 & it's less than what everone wanted...even more reason to take it slow and easy this time.
    Worst case senario: No more Van Halen...oh shit, what will we do?? Nothing! We will enjoy the music that they gave us...and wish them well in their lives....better to go out great than come back crappy.
    My.02 cents

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    07.20.17 @ 03:43 PM
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    Nice post, Jati - welcome to the links.

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    04.29.16 @ 07:05 AM
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    <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Jati:
    I have been reading the posts here for a few weeks now. My.02 cents<hr></blockquote>

    I just found the beginning of this post very funny, just because the amount of time I've spent here on the "links" reading the latest on the greatest, yet very little has happened.

    BTW, welcome to vhlinks.
    Actually I think most of us are Dave, Sam, and Mike fans. There's just a small group of people who have strange allegiances and like to get into petty pissing contests that I can't believe everyone on this site isn't bored of. - Brett



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