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    05.21.18 @ 03:09 PM
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    Default A Van Halen Goldmine...

    So I thought about posting this story in the VH "pics from the past" thread, but it's mostly pics and this seemed worthy of it's own thread...

    My brother forwarded an email to me from a mutual friend who owns a music store, he always gets ahold of me when anything VH comes in. I dropped by their today, apparently he had some posters, some old pin-ups, a bunch of stuff some guy found in his attic.Man, I did not expect what he had for me...

    8 full size posters, all from 1978-1982. All in virtually mint condition (save for a few tack holes from when they had graced this guys walls), a few of which were actually promo posters for the first album.
    Then he hands me an envelope, and inside were about 50 pin ups, a couple from 5150 (two where all four guys have mullets ) and the rest from 78-84, tons of shots I've never seen, a promo pin up for the 1984 album, and a ton of others. There was even a pic of DLR one the beach with his skull and crossbones Mercedes-Benz, as described by Vince Neil in "The Dirt". If someone can post instructions on how to post pics, I'll take some of the collage and post em, I'd probably never have time to scan em all and post them. What a find though, and all of it for $60 (including an issue of GW from 1991, feature on Mike and Ed).

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    05.21.18 @ 03:34 PM
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    You can upload pix here -

    And copy the IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards link and paste it here.

    Oh yeah!
    You don't need to join the site to upload photos, that's only if you want your own account but it's not needed.
    Ive uploaded tons of photos to tinypic without having an account and if i want to go back and find the photo i just search for it by key word.
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