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    Default Ed has 5150, I have 314

    Specs: Gangluff Ash ultra lightweight Wolfgang body, painted in the bunnyman 314 paintscheme, pickup route rounded and trem cavity modified for better divebombing.

    Original Floyd Rose (Schaller) with 37mm brass sustain block (courtesy of, woodscrew posts (same place).

    Duncan '78- see if I like it now in an ash body.

    Mean Street Exile neck, stripped of poly, oiled and waxed, wth Ernie Ball peghead drilling.

    Gibson 500K pot, MXR-style knob.

    Gibson Jackplate and Switchcraft jack.

    bunnyman mojo and garage luthiership standard with no upcharge!!!

    I know you want to know what "314" is, and I will say AFTER she is done. Use your imagination. Hint: not an telephone area code like Justin Timberlog uses for his new goofy clothing line. I gotta get her to Gravity Strings to finish it up and make her play!!!!

    Here's a pic of her mocked up:

    Last edited by bunnyman; 04.16.09 at 04:03 AM.
    Dammit!!! I still smell like cotton candy!!!



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