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    Default Compensating for Presence?

    My solid state Marshall MG30DFX doesn't have a Presence control, is there a way I can perhaps compensate for it, through use of amp EQ, or maybe my BOSS GE-7 pedal?
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    All presence does (on most amps, like classic Marshall's etc.) is control how much negative feedback you are bleeding or not bleeding to ground, and it does this to a certain frequency range of the feedback. Usually the range is for a large portion of the upper mids to highs in an amp. 'Resonance' or 'depth' controls do the same thing, but the frequencies they target are low. So when you mess with the presence/resonance controls, it's basically adding more or less negative feedback back into your signal before the phase inverter, which in turn can partially cancel out or boost the highs/lows.

    If you think about it simply, it's really just a fancy way to give you more control of the amps overall EQ then just the low mid and high knob.

    To compensate, you can turn up the highs (isn't quite the same, but it can give you the general sound), or just use a bigger-than-guitar-frequency-EQ pedal. Like a 10 band that will give you extended high and low end.

    Your amp is designed without a presence though, so I would bet boosting your highs will just make it sound less warm, and a lot harsher.



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