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    Default So - what IS it about your favorite guitar player?

    After posting in the thread of naming your 3 favorite guitarists, I began to post with something a bit more philosophical but realized it should actually be another thread entirely.

    What is it about your favorite 3 which make them stand out to you personally more than others?

    1. Ed

    Ed's spontaneity is what resonates with me. There is no hesitation with his musical expression. It's almost as if there is no barrier between his soul/spirit and his fingertips. His playing is extremely sincere.

    2. David Gilmour

    David for me is able to articulate the finest and most subtle nuances of expression without regret. The man is a poet warrior lyrically and musically.
    He is elegant with his music.

    Tie for 3rd.

    Zakk Wylde

    What I love about Zakk's style is it's raw, brutish, powerful but not excessive. Filling Randy Rhodes' shoes would be daunting for anyone - and in my opinion he does just fine.

    Eric Johnson

    Johnson embodies strength under control. A guitarists' guitarist. A disciple of the guitar and the gentleman of his profession. He is not brash with his talent nor presumptuous with is approach while having the skill of a Shaolin monk.

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    Guitars are so over.
    Listen to your fax machine.



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