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    Default Jay Leno 2009-04-08 - Auburn Hills, MI on JamToThis

    Jay Leno
    April 8, 2009
    The Palace of Auburn Hills
    Auburn Hills, MI

    Lineage: SPSM1>Sony MZ-NH700>SP Batt Bax w/ B.R.O. @ 195>SonicStage>GoldWave>CDWave>FLAC(2)
    Location: Upper bowl, to the left, about 10 rows back
    Taper: VH Drummer/The J Man (aka Zach T)
    Grade: A

    1. Kid Rock's Introduction
    2. Politics, Terrorism, Obama
    3. Airport Security and Airlines
    4. Jesus and James
    5. Scandals
    6. Mice People and Marriage
    7. Celebrities in the Tabloids
    8. Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama
    9. The Economy and Cars
    10. Los Angeles
    11. Cats, Dogs and Men
    12. The Sexual Revolution
    13. American Crimes: Product Tempering
    14. Healthcare, Life Insurance and Side Effects
    15. Frozen Human Eggs
    16. Obesity
    17. Condoms, Dirty Channel Surfing
    18. The Biography Channel and TV
    19. Shaft
    20. 007 and Meeting Women
    21. Being Little and Unaware
    22. Embarrassing Parents
    23. Signs of Getting Old
    24. Jay's Closing Remarks

    I was surprised that this was actually funny. It was really nice of Jay to do these shows for us in the Detroit area (I only went to
    tonight's show; had school Tuesday night). Free parking, free pop, free chips, 20% off all concessions and almost an hour and a
    half of good comedy. I got there around 7 and the place was already pretty full so I had to tape from the upper bowl but it turned
    out OK. During some bits there are these people who were jumping seats and screaming at each other but it's only a few seconds.
    Overall, a nice recording and a nice evening, thanks, Jay. Please do not sell or redistribute this recording in lossy formats. Thank
    you and enjoy.

    There are a lot of shows I'd like to see this summer but because of the cost of them, I can't go to very many. I would like to go tape
    Crue Fest, AC/DC, Stone Temple Pilots, Heaven and Hell, ZZ Top/Aerosmith and Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction. Of course, I'm
    going to have to choose 2 or 3 to go to, but if anyone would like to contribute to a concert ticket fund so I can tape and share
    these, it would be more than welcomed. Thank you.

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    i was wondering if any of the D-Town crew made it to see Leno.
    "is this a good show tonight, or fuckin' what?" - DLR, Montreal, 11/10/07

    Toronto 10/7...Cleveland 10/10...Toronto 10/12...Montreal 11/10

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    thanks so much for the show but i cant seem to get past 99.9%.



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