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    02.25.10 @ 02:40 PM
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    Default Beach Boys/Al Jardine Chord Voicings

    I have been playing guitar for a while and have a basic understanding of chords, but this has confounded me for a while.

    I learned to play along with this song from the album and there it is in Eb. The concert seems to be in E - but that is not surprising as the recording speed can change and the Beach Boys are no strangers to altering the pitch. I assume that the song is easier to play in E and that the recorded pitch from Shut Down, Volume 2 was dropped a half step.

    What I hear are basic chords. But what Al Jardine is playing is all over the place. From the opening chord he plays - which I assume is E, but he looks more like he is in the "F" position - right to the chorus, I am having a bitch of a time trying to figure out what he is playing and why it looks so complicated compared to what is heard.

    I can make out the "B" chord near the end of the intro solo, so I do not think that the tuning was modified. But right after the "B" what is he doing? Looks like an "A" but then ???. He is awfully busy...

    Also the chorus where they sing Fun, Fun, Fun I had as:

    E, G#m, A, B then E, A, G#m, B

    Probably not accurate, but sounds okay when played along. But again, Al plays ascending chords for the first part and descending chords for the second part. Makes more sense, but I cannot figure it out.

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    07.24.11 @ 03:36 PM
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    looks like he's playing a basic shuffle in E leading up to the chorus. I think it's just the camera angle or something that makes that E chord he's fretting look like an F.

    incidently, this is a great concert and The Beach Boys are one of my very very favourite groups!



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