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Thread: VH 2004 show

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    Default VH 2004 show[/URL]

    Post A Thank You To See Hidden Download LinkDownload Here:
    1. Jump
    2. Runaround
    3. Humans Being
    4. Up For Breakfast
    5. Bass solo
    6. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    7. Poundcake
    8. It's About Time
    9. Drum solo
    10. Top Of The World
    11. Unchained
    12. Why Can't This Be Love
    13. Eagles Fly
    14. Hallelujah
    15. Seventh Seal
    16. Best OF Both Worlds
    17. Eddie's solo
    18. Dreams
    19. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    20. Right Now
    21. You Really Got Me
    22. Panama
    23. When It's Love

    This is a good one here folks..Ed messes up in Runaround points to the crowd and says I fucked up...Sammy says I would'nt say that..Also he chases Mike off the stage on his solo..DVD is a good one, a must for the fan..Thanks to bscott for ripping the audio...You rock...

    also check out some rare vh 79 and 80 tour shows that was just posted to the site and with some old rare shows of the redrocker and HASA tour shows at the site below free membership enjoy..remember we have the shows in 2 formats flac and mp3 enjoy.

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    what kinda of files it it? or video?..seems pretty small for a video!



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