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    07.24.11 @ 03:36 PM
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    Default Seymour Duncan has the greatest customer service EVER

    So I have been playing a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube pedal for a little over a year now. About a month ago it stopped sounding like it always did. I had to crank it to the max just to get decent volume out of it and the bottom end just fell out. I assumed the tubes were going bad or something. I contacted Seymour Duncan and then told me to send it to them and that they would service it and send it back. All I had to was pay for shipping to them. They would cover repairs and return shipping. I was blown away by that alone. I expected to pay some kind of bench fee, parts/labour, SOMETHING and certainly the shipping both ways.

    So they've got the pedal. I send a message to the guy who gives me an's "on the bench" and it probably just needs new tubes and he'll be sending it back soon.

    I receive a package yesterday. I open the box and inside is the pedal inside its own box. This is how I shipped it but when I went to open it I noticed it had factory tape on it. I thought, "well, they just use the same tape." I opened it up and the pedal was pristine. It looked brand new. Mine was pretty clean but had scratches and stuff on it.

    I thought maybe they polished it or whatever as part of the refurb. I email the guy this morning and he replies telling me that my pedal passed all the bench tests and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. He had intended to take the pedal and give it a good work out and see what was going on but decided, "what the hell" and sent me a BRAND NEW PEDAL!!!! My pedal had well over a year of constant rehearsing and gigging. They didn't owe me a damn thing and they just GAVE me a new pedal.

    Seymour Duncan is fantastic. They have my loyalty forever!

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    01.01.13 @ 03:06 PM
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    Can't get much better than that! Good to see that at least SOMEONE is trying to provide good service!
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    06.11.16 @ 03:33 AM
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    I had a guy at Rocktron I called when I had a fuse problem with my Chameleon. Apparently they had some special fuses. He took my address and mailed me ten of them - no cost. I've never needed more than the one but I've got the rest as backups.



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