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Thread: Who is "NINJA?"

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    Default Who is "NINJA?"

    NIN + JA = NINJA

    It appears Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails and the reformed Janes Addiction are owrking together in some capacity in Trent's studio. It's unknown exactly what shape this union is ultimately going to take, but it looks fairly certain the two bands will co-headline some dates later this Spring. Otherwise, there's rampant speculation that range from Reznor producing some new Jane's tracks, to Jane's members playing on new Nine Inch Nails tracks.

    Regardless, based on some photos posted on the official NIN site, it looks very cool.


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    was never a huge fan of either band but I have respect for both because I think they've worked real hard to make the kind of music they felt driven to make without a lot of concern for whether or not anyone would like it. I did like some of the Janes Addiction's work and I liked some of the Satelite Party project that Ferrel did with Nuno and I have liked some of Reznor's work so maybe this will be a cool project. I'll definitely keep my out.



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