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    Eruption hotforteacher921's Avatar
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    Van Halen
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    Runnin' With The Devil
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    06.20.12 @ 09:40 PM
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    Default Don't know if you guys have seen this, pretty funny!

    Spoof of EVH Guitar World video.

    It is not an understatement to say that if a person ate a bowl of alphabet soup, they would shit better lyrics. -lmr5150 on Up For Breakfast

    Give him the "secret devil sign", stick out your tongue and hiss like a demon while bellowing out THE DARKNESS WILL ENVELOPE THY SOUL AND FEAST OF THY FLESH, INFIDEL!!!!! Then gouge a pentagram in your forehead with a nail file. -LowLifeFlatHeadScum

    A recent study shows 92% of the teenage population likes rap music. If you are part of the 8% who listen to real music, put this as your sig.

    Quote Originally Posted by graeme View Post
    DipscheisßeBuchseAffenkönnennichtFotzeBleistiftdic kBettnässenzurückgebliebeMutterficker.

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    All of them!
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    Unchained/ Best of Both Worlds
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    04.08.16 @ 03:20 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotforteacher921 View Post
    Spoof of EVH Guitar World video.

    Already posted in another thread...But it is super funny!



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