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    Default Looking For Trade: 5150 for 5150 Combo

    Hi, as some of you may have seen before, I've got 2 modded 5150 combos.

    This is an old pic, but BOTH of my combos look like the 'head' on top now. They even have the matching Peavey metal corners on the bottom of the 'head' and Peavey rubber feet.

    Anyway, now that I have 2 identical 5150 combo 'heads' and 3 5150 combo bottom halves (speakers), I find that I'm only using the 3 cabs, and 1 of the heads. No point in having 2....

    SO.... Is there anyone who would like to trade an Original 5150 head for one of my 5150 combo heads? I'd kinda like to have 1 of each, instead of just 2 identical combo heads.

    I'd of course also consider offers to just buy the combo head outright, or perhaps offers to trade for other EVH gear... (sure, I'll trade you for a 5150 III or an SLO-100 head!! )
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