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Thread: USA 1992 boot

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    Default USA 1992 boot

    Hi guys,

    Not much to say here, but just wanted to share with everyone that I picked up my "USA 1992" set today, and had completely forgotten how much better this mix sounds than the RHRN album that was actually released. I mean, it's not perfect, but it is light years better than the "finished" product.

    Van Halen, at anywhere near close to its best, does not need polishing. In fact, they need to be as raw as possible, because this band are one of the few who could genuinely pull that off. Straight from the soundboard, Van Halen sound great with zero frills. This boot actually sounds like a band playing live - imagine that!

    Give your copy of RHRN to the charity shop, folks, and pick up this set instead!
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