This will be christened the "Cotton Candy" guitar, after a friend who wears waaaay too much fragrance that smells like cotton candy.

Much like Jamie guitar, Cotton Candy will be an EBMM/EVH-shaped mahogany body. Unlike Jamie, she will be a two-piece body (Jamie is 4 piece). Also, there will be no veneer top or binding.

The body will be built by USA Custom Guitars. There will be only one humbucker route at the bridge. The heel will be a Strat heel. There will be no elbow contour or contoured heel. I am going as bare-bones as possible with lots and lots of wood, not unlike Jamie.

I am going to use a Duncan EVH '78 pup in Cotton Candy, unlike the custom/custom in Jamie. I will use my thick '54 Strat reissue neck (21 6000-series frets), which is slightly different than the Hockey Stick neck with one less fret. I may change my mind and get a hockeystick peghead neck, though none readily available will have the back contour to my liking. I love my '54 strat neck, and it will probably live on in this new guitar.

I will use an Original Floyd Rose from the '80s with a 42mm brass block. I am using real Schaller tuners. I am using eyelet bolts for the strap. I may get some pearloid buttons for the Schallers.

Paint will be simple- shell pink over silver racing stripes. I will stencil the letters on this guitar. More than likely, I will artificially age the finish to match the neck and the hardware, but try to keep it from being over the top "relic'd". IN short, I want to make the body match the neck and hardware.

This guitar will be slightly different than Jamie, but very similar in many ways. I don't think she will sound all that much different when all is said and done. Hopefully, I get a nice, heavy body that will provide much resonance like Jamie does. Hopefully, this will be a very, very worthy back up. I don't believe that Jamie will ever be duplicated; however, I hope she will have a great complimentary back up.