I know people were bummed when the site went down and they couldn't contact each other, etc. I have a Facebook account that I just started to use so I created a "VHLinks Will Never Die!" group on there, so that if something should happen to the site, or you guys want to keep in touch for whatever reason, you can go there to find each other.

To join, assuming you are a Facebook member, just go to the search box at the top at http://www.facebook.com and put in "vhlinks". It will be the only thing that pops up most likely on the search result. Then just put in a request to join the group and Top Timmy or myself will add you. Done.

I suppose someone could do something similar for Myspace but I don't use Myspace ever, so if someone wants to do that, feel free to do so. Hopefully this will help you guys keep in touch in case something should one day happen here...not that I am anticipating anything, I just know how important some of the friendships here are to people.

Ok that's all, I'm going to sticky this thread in here so everyone can see it.