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    02.18.20 @ 09:23 PM
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    Dude, this Net for the VH organization, not net for the VH band members. You have to still deduct the manager's fee, techs, roadies, payroll taxes, etc.

    On the plus side, it doesn't take into account the royalties the songwriters get for the songs played.
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    Technically, isn't Van Halen just Eddie and Alex? From a legal standpoint, Roth and Wolfgang are like Michael Anthony always was, and Gary Cherone, and Sammy Hagar: hired employees.

    The money always comes out looking different to what it is, though. I remember hearing when Motley Crue had signed a $100 million contract. But it's for the four of them, so knock it down to $25 million each. And it's for the next 3 albums, so split it in 3 to $8.3 million for each 2 year period an album "lasts" (few months making it, year and a half on tour/promoting it, then a period of recovery). So it's $4.15 million per year IF they release an album every 2 years (unlikely considering their release history for recent albums runs 2008, 2000, 1997, 1994, 1989).

    But Motley Crue have a manager to pay. And they each have an individual manager (probably quite highly paid ones given how much crap Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil do with their time, though I imagine Mick Mars' one doesn't cost much).

    A "$100 million" contract sounded huge, but in actual back the band's income is only $4.15 million a year each, to be split between the band member, their manager, and the band's manager.

    Some of that money has to be spent on producing the actual album in the first place - paying the producers (James Michael, and co-producer DJ Ashba for the latest release), the songwriters (James Michael, DH Ashba and Marti Frederiksen for the latest release), the studio rental fees, the engineers.

    So now that $100 million has been eaten up almost entirely.

    I'd not be surprised that the $93 million turned into $35.

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    10.23.15 @ 04:49 PM
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    I have a question that perhaps someone here might know how it works. They are saying the toured grossed $35 mil which would be the $93 mil less expenses. Are the pay checks of the band taken out before the gross is figured? I was thinking that the band members might have a draw they receive during the tour.
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