Hey all:
As many know , I picked up a new Gibby SG faded. Given that I was out of practice, I took it to a well known luthier for a proper fret dress and setup to get the minor buzz out of it when I dropped guages to 9's. from 10's. It was perfect. No buzz anywhere on the neck. Well, now the buzz has come back. The neck still looks straight when sighted down along the bass and treble sides, but ther is a buzz around the 8th. and 10th. frets. WTF?

The guitar was built fairly recently. The finish still has a freshly painted kinda smell. My tech set the action quite low, but no lower than my old Les Paul which wouldn't buzz if you tried to pull the neck back. Rock solid. Has anyone else had a lively neck like this? Will this settle with time? Is there a solution? I usually play mapleboards, as their my preference, and my old Paul was a standard finished guitar with and ebony board and the typical 11 or 12 coats of nitro. Those necks are rigid and have never had this issue. This is a new one for me. It even changes between rooms. My studio is a bit on the cool side. I bring it out to the living area, and within an hour it starts buzzing out on the bass side A and E strings. This guitar did not buzz at the store, but then it's a climate controlled store, so I imagine when their set up there they stay within spec. I'm just getting a bit pissed off. I really love the way the guitar plays and sounds, but I've just never dealt with such a touchy neck.

I could'nt imagine gigging with it at this stage, and that was the main purpose of buying this guitar. Should I just raise the action a tick as maybe it's just breaking in in it's own way? I play this guitar more than the average person would. I usually play around four or five hours a night writing and recording. I just don't know what to do. My tech set it up great but now it seems to be going backwards. Any advice would be appreciated.