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    Default Some really great eddie covers

    Hey fellow addicts.

    Appologies if this was posted before. I just ran into this guy and was blown away by how well he plays eds parts.

    I know there is a guy on youtube that plays ebmm and has eds van hagar sound down to a "T", however, this fellow plays a wolfgang and just frickin nails it.

    One neat thing about this dude is that he doesn't answer any of the posts so the posters are starting to jokingly speculate that this is ed incognito fucking around with the lemings on youtube.

    Of course this isn't ed, the dude in this video is too tall. I have the same wolf and ed would be about 5 inches shorter at least than whoever it is that is playing this.

    Anyway, I have that same wolf, so its cool to see what a real player can do with one of these.

    Sample #1:

    Sample #2:

    Oh yeah, i really love it when he starts playing drop dead legs, something you don't hear that often.
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    Pretty cool!!!
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