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    Default Quick amp/effects pedal question

    At "normal" gig levels there seems to be a lack of "depth" to my Line 6 Flex III.

    It's not about getting "tube warmth" - I've tweaked that very close.
    It's not an EQ issue - I've got that where I want it.
    It's not a BBE "fix" - It helps, but it doesn't "fill out" the sound.

    At both basement levels and cranked, it's full, warm, cuddly, Downy-fresh. But from 4-7 (on the dial), it's just a little "flat"...almost "two-demensional", if you know what I mean.

    My local guitar/amp tech (vaguely) remembers another customer a number of years ago with a similar issue. He's checking into what that solution was, and possible options out there these days.

    While it would help, my tech is NOT talking about an attenuator/hot plate fix. He said that there is/was a pedal/processor specifically designed for solid-state amps to "round out" and give depth to the sound...he just can't remember what it is.

    I'm just being impatient and I haven't found anything anywhere on the 'net, so I thought I'd throw it up here for spitballing.

    Long story short, has anyone heard of this pedal/processor "magic box" my tech is talking about?

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    I use a flextone II also. It took me forever to dial in a sound that I really like... guess I'm too picky. But I never cranked mine above 5, didn't need to. I found it to start breaking up too much and getting muddy. And do work with the EQ... it's amazing how much the overall sound will change with just a tweak. I got a good sound finally, but I had a Boss OS2 laying around (overdrive/distortion pedal) and it did sooooo much to my sound as far as making it tighter and brighter with some good meat, but I only run the level around 3, again.. that's all I needed in the mix. The flextone is okay with getting good sounds, but I found using and outside source "said pedal" it really made my sound clearer and punchier. I've since added a Mesa Boogie 4X12 cab to go with the Line 6 4X12 I had and it sounded better because the MB has more low end whereas the line 6 cab is more mid- high, so the two cabs blend well... then recently.. I added a Digitech 2101 processor to the loop... had it laying around for about 15 years, and FINALLY got that thing figured out and set my cabs side to side and it sounds amazing!! Bottom line, do your research, ask questions, cause I had some good help in how to do my final setup. I have different settings for jamming at home from my "live" setup, cause they'll sound different. Nothing like getting that shit sounding good at home, then going to go jam, turn it up to hear garbage. Just try a lot of stuff out, pedals and such, and use your ears. I never thought I could think that hard when listening. But yeah... I love my Boss OS2!! Hope I didn't put you to sleep with my banter lol.
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