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    Default Red Lace Pickup in The Neck Position?

    Anyone here ever try this?

    I've got an old strat knock-off (H-S-S- rear routed) that my cousin bought used but gave up trying to play so he gave it to me. It's actually built by Guild. Gonna do the following:

    1. Take all the paint of the body - sand the heal down and make some more room for playing up high. Not gonna repaint it, maybe just some oil to seal it up. Have to see what it looks like when I get the paint off.

    2. Take all the gloss finish off the neck. Get it a fret dress (needs it bad).

    3. Gonna re-shape the headstock to look similar to the old kramer style (pre-banana but post strat-ripoff)

    3. Replace the tuners with Sperzel lockers. Gonna hold off on replacing the nut for now.

    4. Not planning on whammying it up so I'll leave the stock bridge for now.

    5. Replace the humbucker with a Duncan CustomTrembucker I had laying around.

    6. Replace the neck pickup with either a Lace Gold or Lace Red (had extras from a Strat Plus I upgraded).

    7. Replace all the pots, switches, output jack, etc.

    8. I'm gonna leave the middle single empty, since I never use them. It has two pots (volume/tone). Thinking of going with only one volume and putting an on/off switch there for some stutter effects during solos.

    9. I'll wire the pickup selector so it's -full hum/split hum/split hum and neck pu/neck pu-only/??? --- unless I make this as a way to have the on/off?

    Gonna be a slow process - just hope to have it all done by Christmas.

    So, with all of that --- thoughts on trying the red lace in the neck position? I don't use the neck pickup much more than for solos.

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    danward, that sounds pretty cool. Let us know how it turns out.

    A Red Lace in the neck position? I say go for it! I have a Red Lace pickup in my bridge position (what it was intended for), but my buddy had a Red in the neck position (Standard Strat). He'll bust out with some fat, punchy solos that are just amazing. The only problem is that with lots of distortion it gets too "harmonic-y". I don't know how to describe it...scratch what I said.

    Dude, do it or else I'll come to your house and install it myself. And you don't want me to install ANYTHING!

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