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    10.26.16 @ 02:37 PM
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    Default WANTED: 5150 COMBO!!!

    I wasn't sure where to post this... oh well.

    I am looking for yet another 5150 combo. This one is for a friend of mine, but I can assure you he is reliable and will pay quickly through paypal.

    The amp can be in any WORKING condition. I don't care if it is all scratched up from touring or whatever -- that really doesn't matter. As long as it works, great. I will consider buying any damaged or non-working 5150 combos -- just tell me what is wrong with it and depending on the damage, I might still be interested. PM me an asking price if you have one to sell -- all will be considered.

    Thanks everybody.

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    10.19.15 @ 10:50 AM
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    I have on thats hardly been played! It just sits in my home office, to loud for that room! I might get something small!
    Never been giged with, Like new!!!!



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