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    Default Connecticut; Hartford city council OK's immigration ordinance

    Hartford city council OK's immigration ordinance
    August 12, 2008

    HARTFORD, Conn. - Hartford's city council has approved a new ordinance that would bar police from asking people about their immigration status.

    The ordinance, passed Monday, would need to be signed by Mayor Eddie Perez to become law.

    It would prevent police from arresting or detaining anyone solely because immigration authorities had issued an administrative warrant for them, which is a civil matter.

    Although Perez has said he supports the concept, it's not clear whether he will sign the new ordinance.

    The mayor has said that an order issued by Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts in March is adequate. Under the order, Hartford police will not make immigration arrests unless there is also a criminal investigation involved.
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    On the one hand it sort of makes sense. If the Police were to arrest every illegal alien in the city the jails would be overflowing like a suburban heading out of Mexico. The city also has a hell of a gun violence problem, 9 people shot this past weekend alone. Most of the gun violence is by African American youths of the city who are mostly legal citizens breaking serious laws. As much as I am for stopping illegals from collecting social services they don't deserve, I am more for the Police keeping the streets safe. Admittedly I do not often go to the parts of Hartford where the shootings take place, only to a club a few times a year.
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    It is not a bad decision in that you can't go out and apprehend every illegal. It would take away too much from more important police work. That said, the continued flow of illegals will continue to hurt this country. We pay for that cheap labor in more ways than it benefits us. The only one's who really benefit are the contractors and factory owners. The rest of us pay because of hospital visits, schools, jails, social security benefits, and so on. Plus much of the money that is earned here is sent back to other countries, which is very admirable, but does nothing to help our economy.



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