So my wife and I are on our way to the show from the Crowne Plaza hotel, the receptionist calls for a car for us. We are on the 3rd floor hall when we meet a couple who say they are Kari Hagars Dad and stepmother. We chat all the way down the elevator and lobby. We ask if they want to ride with us, and they do. They seemed to be legit! He said he was from Texas but they now live in Allentown PA. I think he said his name was Vick, I could be wrong I was pretty lit. I did'nt know that during our ride my wife asked if there was anyway we could meet Sammy, but the alleged stepmother said it very crazy backstage. I know some of you know Sammy personally. Can someone confirm that this indeed was Sammy's inlaws? Pretty cool if true. I paid for the ride, but Sammy's father n law offered to pay. Seemed like nice people. They went into the show pretty early while my wife and I had dinner next door for like 2 hours. Awesome show! I forgot how well Sammy can still sing and jam. Talk about talent. I love classic Vh and saw two shows with VH this year but Dave struggles vocally unlike Sammy. Before I start telling all my friends and loved ones about the story, I would like to confirm whether it was in fact Sam's in laws. Thanks in advance.