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    Romeo Delight
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    11.10.17 @ 06:55 PM
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    i've never seen such a unified outcry on this or any other board like the one on "from ed's lawyers" thread. i mean jesus, every webmaster from every VH related website that i've heard of has been on to say how dissapointed they are in the recent VH happenings and how betrayed they feel in trying to help the band at no personal monetary gain. jesus christ, if ever there was a time for EVH to drop us a message, whether it be on or whatever, it's right now.

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    Atomic Punk Eddymon's Avatar
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    01.23.19 @ 02:52 PM
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    I know.

    All this time, Ed has had something on the tip of his tongue and yet he still says nothing.

    What a joke a once great musician has become.

    [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img] VAN HALEN R.I.P. [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img]
    'Old Van Halen, when I was in it-classic Van Halen-makes you wanna drink, dance and screw, right? And the new Van Halen encourages you to drink milk, drive a Nissan and have a relationship.' - David Lee Roth.

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    Little Guitars
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    05.07.15 @ 12:27 AM
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    Yea, hold your fucking breath while he gets ready to kick you all in the nuts again! If he was issuing statements the whole time, everything might not have been so bad! But attacking fan sites about using your Logo??? Especially when they aren't selling anything, get fucking real! EVH can shove his frankenstrat up his fucking piehole!
    The Pumpkinhead!

    "After three decades you still don't get the fact that VH the band was greater than the sum of all of its parts -- and those parts fit perfectly together, especially in the CVH lineup." - Delighted Romeo, Hit the nail right on the God Damn Head!!!



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