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    Tell ya what , I have cleaned up my act more than anyone hear . I have apologized for my behavior and have been trying likie a mother fucker to be cool and you , you fucking asshole say I am Whatthi , FUCK YOU !!!!
    I am going to thrash your ass until you say your sorry . Brett should strip you of your fucking moderator job you scum . Fuck you !! I even played golf with Dimoncutr , I have a wife and a baby coming next week , I am not that HOMO whathi , he emailed about this laughing . I flamed with him at DLR discussion forum you asshole , you better say your sorry dick !!!

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    Eye suffacozza YEWW! Goo's Avatar
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    01.11.19 @ 01:51 AM
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    Whoooa bro, not in main, I know your p.o'd tho

    email HOP, or keep it in his forum at least man, feel free to email myself ( ) or brett if ya want as well, I'll have to close this tho man....

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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