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    Little Dreamer
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    Favorite VH Album

    Fair Warning
    Favorite VH Song

    Little Guitars
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    08.03.08 @ 05:22 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Booth View Post
    The show I attended with my wife:

    Jamie's Cryin
    Runnin With the Devil
    And the Cradle Will Rock
    I'm the One
    Everybody Wants Some

    The show I attended with my mistress:

    1. Little Guitars
    2. Romeo Delight
    3. Hot For Teacher
    4. Beautiful Girls
    5. And The Cradle Will Rock

    Thats fn funny!

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    5150 KarenCarpenter's Avatar
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    - Montreal - Quebec/Canada
    Favorite VH Album

    1984/VH/Fair Warning/5150
    Favorite VH Song

    I'm The One/PCTS/Panama
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    09.26.18 @ 07:26 AM
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    In no particular order...

    - Everybody Wants Some !! - The ultimate "live" Dave-era song.

    - Atomic Punk - The furious stage strobe light effects sequence (including at the end).

    - Somebody Get Me a Doctor - Again, the lights..., those 6 shining barrels on the sides were pretty cool.

    - You Really Got Me - The beginning, the power of Van Halen.

    - Panama - Again, the lights..., the big "S" flashing on the opening groove.

    *Note that I was more impressed by the light stage effects then the performances because there is kind of a evolution with technology (although the 1984 light set-up was huge)..., nothing beats a 1978-'84 Van Halen concert..., regarding band members performances.

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    Banned! clrw5150's Avatar
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    Lexington, KY
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    VH, 5150, OU812, Balance
    Favorite VH Song

    Unchained/When It's Love
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    09.05.13 @ 06:18 AM
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    I'm the One
    Little Dreamer
    Mean Street
    Atomic Punk

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    Eruption Bono Vox's Avatar
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    The Great White North
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    Fair Warning
    Favorite VH Song

    Hear About It Later
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    10.13.19 @ 06:58 AM
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    I'd have to say since Van Halen's last performance (missing this already) Eddie probably had his BEST performance on the LAST night of the tour. I was just skimming some clips and not only was I fortunate to witness Eddie at his best that night, hopefully there's more to come in the future.

    Some of those criticizing the tour (they know who they are) saying Ed's playing has subsided and he's done. They seriously need their head examined because those who were in attendance in Quebec City that night on July 3rd heard some of the BEST playing Ed's done is YEARS! Actually the band were at their BEST that night and even a lousy youTube clip will show that...

    A sober Eddie is certainly a true master for what is expected of him with his guitar!

    (Embedding disabled by request for Meanstreet with Pretty Woman)

    (Embedding disabled by request for Hot For Teacher)

    Bono Vox: Poetic, Political, extremely generous and just a tiny bit egomaniacal.

    "You know twenty-five years ago, Tony Soprano was driving around Jersey in his iroc-Z just blasting the Van Halen"-David Lee Roth

    "Will there be a Van Halen reunion? “I have hope and faith, and that’s more than just the name of a couple of strippers from Albuquerque” -David Lee Roth

    "This band is three quarters original, one quarter inevitable" -David Lee Roth~2007

    "“We had a lot of fun on the tour – Dave was a blast. And next time we go out, we’re going to have some new stuff, too. I’m looking forward to getting on it. I’ve got tons of music written, such a variety of stuff… Actually, next week or the week after, Wolfie, Alex, and I are gonna start jamming. Maybe we’ll give Dave a call and see what he’s up to.” - Edward Van Halen ~ 2009

    ~Congratulations to 2009 World Series Champions the New York Yankees~



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