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    09.14.15 @ 07:49 PM
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    That HSACASZA1Q or whatever the fuck you guys are calling it sounds really cool to me. It's more life than we've seen from VH in a LONG time and it's WAY above that piece of shit DLR "graced" us with recently. Obviously time will tell if the supergroup will be good, hard rocking music or if it will be slick, AOR crap like Damn Yankees and Asia. None the less, it will HAVE to be better than absolute silence from VH and DLR's techno trip. What a laugh, just when you thought he couldn't do any worse than Your Filthy Little Mouth, he goes techno. What has been going through Dave and Eddie's head the last few years? Let's make the most obscure, abstract sounding shit and assume people will still buy it?

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    01.28.18 @ 01:02 PM
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    I'm sending this over to the Opinions/Speculation Forum.

    Montrose meets Van Halen meets Journey/Bad English meets Guns n' Roses. [img]graemlins/scared.gif[/img]
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