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    Default Marshall JMP-1 info

    I've got a Marshall JMP-1 Preamp and the Marshall EL34 100/100 stereo power amp coming in this weekend on a trade.

    Anyone ever use this setup? Any suggestions for settings etc. I've never had the chance to try this setup.

    Thanks in advance...

    Scott Eivins
    A&Z Guitar Repair
    Scott Eivins
    A&Z Guitar Repair

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    I don't know about the power amp, but I had a JMP-1 back when they first came out. I got it for the cab emulation - this was before the days of amp modelling. It was a great piece of kit, and very versatile. I used it with an Alesis digital FX processor (a Midiverb 3, I think) and a MIDI foot controller. If I remember correctly, the preamp's EQ wasn't the most effective, which is not unusual for a Marshall.

    The two overdrive channels were quite distinct: the first was nice and crunchy for vintage tones, up to fairly heavy rhythm tones - though never quite into metal territory. The second channel was more mid-focused with nice smooth lead tones. The amount of gain on offer probably isn't up to the levels of contemporary amps like the 5150, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Depending on how heavy you want to get, you may need to goose the front end a little with a Tube Screamer or similar.

    The speaker emulation was very, very good for its time. They may have improved it since I owned one (we're talking over a decade ago, here), but it wasn't up to the standards of recent Line6 or Boss GT series products.

    Overall, they're a nice piece of kit, and I imagine even better with a matching power amp.
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