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Thread: cats who Hate

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    Default cats who Hate

    Out of respect for others, I just should'nt write about this in a forum or really anywhere online an in all seriousness, none of you VHLinkers know my real name and that's probably why I'm feeling comfortable posting this up... I'm using the public library for this one.

    I need to say this has bothered me a bit and I know you guys will understand. I prefer random stories, real-life sucks these days, but I now have a small problem that's becoming a larger issue around here and I need some fast advice.

    My apartment manager is a large, wretched man with a bad knee and holds every conversation with a smurk...

    He walks around harrassing me and alot of the other younger men in the building... he's been beaten up, but he's sick and it took us awhile to realize it. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. The others here keep it quiet as not to upset him or something. My units rent goes up twice a year and it's also rather interesting to walk past his first floor doorway and consistantly hear that cheap asian porn in the background blaring with no shame thru the non insulated windows like nobodies bizness or that goddamn pucculi!

    A few monthes back they found a mini camera in two seperate apartments ventilation shafts, but never found the transponders, so he never got charged. My neighbors toilet stopped working monthes ago and they still will'nt fix that either... Real asshole.

    Anyways, on friday I killed Emily, his grey & white cat.

    I came home and there it was again, just outside my back window fucking deep moaning or whatever, cause it was obviously in heat. I have always hated cats and always will! My mother & nana used to tie them up in heavy bags and just throw them into the river.

    I'm somehow thinking Lyle knows, but they can't prove it. I'm now getting midnight hang ups, my cars getting tons of these flyers everyday and they have these BIG yellow signs up w/ reward all over this place and its got everyone talking. He did'nt care about it that much or he would'nt have always let it outside, unneutered.

    I snatched it up and brought it inside here to my kitchen and stuck it right in the microwave, but I didn't turn it on. I just let her sit in there and look through the little see-through window. It looked scared as hell, since it was in a really tight spot and could'nt move much at all. I sat there and drank nearly two beers before I hit that START/COOK button... the first few seconds, I saw it started kicking, howling and just freaking out like something was on its back.

    Then the cat started squirming at about 25 seconds, it was definitely agitatated and showed signs of heatstroke or something, which probably would have killed it within a month or less anyways.

    I always heard... if you nuked it for like a minute, you'll probably kill it, depending on the size of the cat, now I know thats not true... the microwave does not cook inside out as you think, so only after a several minutes can it start to penetrate a few inches deeper...

    After almost three years of putting up with this guys power trips, etc... I saw the chance to REALLY express my rage for him and his B.S. rules and I regretfully went "ALL OUT". It was pretty fucking gross, and being the cat hater I am, I still felt sorry for it.

    Around 95 seconds the cat was spazzing like nothing I have ever seen before, some blood was coming from it's mouth due to internal cuts the Nuking i did, all types of seizures and some last moans were following at 2 minutes.

    After 220 seconds, the cat was still alive, it's pupils were dialated and it was twitching. I think at around 5 minutes, the cat started popping, it's eyeballs literally ejected out of it's sockets, and the blood started to ooze, not a pretty sight.

    At about, 6 mins 15 seconds the whole microwave was one Big slaughterhouse.

    My black heart wanted to leave it on his doorstep, kinda like the prized horsehead in that movie. Which brings me to the clean up... the oven was broken. The smell of that cat nearly made me throw the fuck up and I had to open the door and some windows... next time I'll have to don some type of gas mask... there was something thrillingly wrong about this that I can now say was one hellava rush! I'm still paying rent here, so I unplugged it, wiped down the buttons for any of my fingerprints. I bagged it up in a black Hefty lawn bag and took it over to those dumpsters behind the Target here... even took a few pictures.

    Anyways, I know I often come off as a little hostile and this might upset someone in here. I never would have started this thread, but today my good friend calls me about this somehow and she will not let it alone.

    Now its becoming this BIG DEAL and I'm not into confessions, so I guess what I'm saying is you guys mean the world to me and I'm looking for is some advice before this gets out of hand.

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    #1. You're not at the library.
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    #3. Go start a blog and leave everyone here alone.
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