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    04.20.16 @ 04:46 AM
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    Default Anyone own a 5150 III?

    I'm thinking about buying one with the evh cab. Just wondering what people think of it. I played one briefly at Guitar Center and thought it was cool but I was trying out a guitar rather than testing the amp.
    Anyone know how it compares to a Peavey JSX?
    I've gone through a couple of amps in the past year and just haven't found the tone I've been looking for.

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    03.29.18 @ 02:52 PM
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    I've owned one for about a year. Prior to that I owned a Peavey 5150. I really like the 5150 III, it's arguably more versatile. I also like the tone a bit better, but that's kind of a subjective thing.

    Sadly, I don't have time to play much anymore and have contemplated selling it.

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    05.01.13 @ 02:09 PM
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    I own one and use it with my Van Halen tribute band ( and I love it! I also own a Peavey 5150 Combo and a 5150 II 1/2 stack.

    When I got the EVH 5150 III I "a/b" them playing Unchained (i.e., played it through the Peavey and then immediately through the EVH) and to my ears the EVH has a lot more chunk and a lot more warmth.

    The EVH has eight (8) gain stages compared to the Peavey, which has six (6) so the thing is a monster but ironically not as noisy as the Peavey.

    Other benefits of the EVH 5150 III is the clean channel (no comparison) and the switching between channels is unbelievably quiet.

    Finally, it looks like the EVH's are coming down in price so if you're in the market I would highly recommend picking one up!



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