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    05.21.18 @ 01:21 AM
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    Default Interesting VH reference on Sydney AM Radio last night

    I was listening to Sydney AM radio last night (2BL) because I am becoming an old man. This radio station is the national broadcaster and usually kinda an old persons station and pretty conservative.

    It was cool to hear them interviewing an aussie guy (US born I believe) called Mark Lizotte who has also been known here as Diesel or Johnny Diesel. Diesel is a great guitarist and singer in a blues rock kind of vein.

    He has a new album coming out but an interesting thing that he was talking about is that he has a thing coming out called a songbook companion. It is all of his songs written out in TAB as well as a corresponding DVD with him showign you how to play each song. Pretty cool idea.

    The interviewer asked Diesel to explain what TAB was and he said it was method for writing out usually guitar music. What was cool was the beauty of TAB was that it could be used for his (Diesel's) music, "which isn't rocket science, right up to Eddie Van Halens solo for Beat It, if you want to try that".

    Was kinda cool, and VH references on AM radio in Aus are as rare as rocking horse shit.


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    Unfortunatly for us most VH references on our radio stations are puns or cheap shots.



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