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    Default New Line6 Variax may model EVH Frankenstein

    I'm a Line6 Variax devotee, with a 500 electric and a 700 acoustic in my collection. They're not to everyone's tastes, but the 500 is my number one guitar. Anyway, the old models have all been discontinued, leading to much speculation about new guitars being developed.

    This morning, I got an email inviting me to take part in a survey about the future of the Variax, and one part concerned what kind of guitars I'd like to see emulated. The previous Variax focused on vintage guitars, and for the most part did a damn good job. Users have been asking for more contemporary guitars, however, and it looks like Line6 have paid attention. The survey presented a list of guitars that may be featured, and asked how much I'd like them. Among them were an Ibanez Jem, a Jackson Soloist and a PRS McCarty. Most interesting of all, though, was an EVH Frankenstein (I'm assuming they mean the custom shop replica, rather than the Art Series). Of course, I clicked the highest button for the EVH.

    Just thought I'd point it out to the more techy guitarists amongst you.
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    If they made that guitar with a Floyd Rose trem and maple neck I'd be in for at least a look see...
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