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    05.23.18 @ 04:45 PM
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    FILTER Appreciation Thread

    I like a lot of what the band Filter has laid down on record.

    SHORT BUS is my favorite album, with their iconic "Hey Man Nice Shot" on it. I like the ROCKIN' Filter best. When they try to be laid back deep... I pass. But they can and do ROCK.

    Lead Singer Richard Patrick and his wife just had a baby girl this Feb.

    Filter is back together touring again.

    The new album drops May 13th.

    Former Filter Bass Player Frank Cavanagh -- In the rear.

    Interview with former Bass Player for Filter, Frank Cavanagh, now a Sgt. in the US Army Reserve, soon to deploy to the Gulf. Sgt. Cavanagh got to fly out to Kuwait to perform with his old band, for an Operation MySpace concert for the troops this March.

    Kuwait Interview Pt. 1

    Kuwait Interview Pt. 2

    Kuwait Interview Pt. 3

    Sgt. Cavanagh with Filter -- One More Time !
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    06.02.16 @ 08:13 AM
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    Always did like Filter. Glad to hear they are putting out a new album. I look forward to it. Army of Anyone was good, but I guess they did not have enough success to make it long term. So STP reunites and so does Filter. Cool.



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