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    Blind Dude Pummels and Captures Home Invader

    I love reading stuff like this. Let's hope that two days from now, some disturbing details do not emerge.

    Legally blind man teaches alleged intruder a lesson

    AP Photo: Allan Kieta stands in front of his home,
    holding his daughter's dog, Bella, in Indianapolis...

    INDIANAPOLIS - A legally blind man beat up an intruder and held him at knifepoint until police arrived at the man's eastside home, authorities said. Allan Kieta, 49, told police he was at home Monday morning when his small dog began barking and he encountered the man.

    "I opened the door and just ran into him. I had him pinned in the laundry room and just kept pummeling," said Kieta, a former wrestler in high school.

    He said he grabbed the intruder by the belt and dragged him into the kitchen, where he put a knife at the man's throat and tried to dial 911.

    "Being visually impaired, I couldn't get the buttons because I was using my left hand," he said. "It took me about 20 tries."

    Police arrived within minutes and arrested Alvaro Castro, 25, on an initial charge of residential entry, Sgt. Matthew Mount said.

    Lt. Jeff Duhamell was impressed with Kieta's feat.

    "Its pretty remarkable for anyone thats blind to be able to defend themselves, let alone make an apprehension," Duhamell said. "To be able to grab this guy and hold him down until police got there is pretty remarkable."

    Castro, who was initially taken to the Wishard Memorial Hospital detention facility, denied trying to burglarize the home and said he was a former boyfriend of Kieta's daughter and was trying to visit her, said Mount.

    Kieta said Castro told him he was looking for his cat.

    "I go, 'Your cat? You're in my house!'" Kieta recalled.

    Castro was transferred to the Marion County Jail on Monday night.

    Kieta said he suffered swollen hands and a sore back, but no serious injuries.

    "When my wife was cleaning the blood off, she said, 'I think it's all his,'" Kieta said.
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