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    07.18.18 @ 05:35 AM
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    Default PA Town Mourns 10 Fire Victims.

    I heard this on the news earlier today and it really hit home. I grew up not five miles from the town of Brockway and it's horribly sad to hear that a community that you grew up around lost so many lives. I know that I will be praying for these families tonight, that somehow they can cope with a loss like this.

    Pa. town mourns 10 fire victims

    By DANIEL LOVERING and GENARO C. ARMAS, Associated Press WritersFri Apr 4, 6:48 PM ET

    With his house ablaze in the middle of the night, 11-year-old James Peterson rushed through the home to rouse the rest of his family from bed before going to a neighbor to ask for help.

    Except for his 20-year-old sister, Elizabeth, who also escaped, James would never see those inside the house again.

    Nine members of the Peterson family were among the 10 who died in the blaze that swept quickly through the two-story home in this small western Pennsylvania community. James' father was at work at the time.

    On Friday, the surviving siblings were in seclusion at their grandfather's home a short drive away in Brockport. The grandfather, Douglas Peterson, recounted the stories told by the grandchildren.

    "He's 11, he woke everybody up," Douglas Peterson said of James. "He woke everybody up. He's my little hero."

    The fire appears to have started in the first-floor living room. State police Trooper Bruce Morris said Friday that investigators were focusing their efforts there.

    Fire Chief Chris Benson said investigators had not yet pinpointed a cause.

    Authorities say space heaters were being used inside the two-story frame house, and that they did not know if the house had working smoke detectors. Gas service had been off at the house since May 2005, said Julie Coppola-Cox, a spokeswoman for National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp., the company that supplies natural gas to the area.

    Douglas Peterson said he rushed to the house after receiving a call from a neighbor. A former volunteer firefighter, he saw the raging blaze when he arrived.

    "I was there. ... I knew nobody was going to get out. But I had two get out alive, and thank God they didn't get hurt," he said.

    Douglas Peterson's son, Douglas Jr., was working the overnight shift when the fire occurred.

    "He's a zombie walking down the road from work," Douglas Peterson Sr. said. "The firemen are standing there waiting for him. Of course, it broke my heart."

    On Friday, Douglas Jr. had to identify bodies and set up funeral arrangements.

    A viewing for all 10 victims was scheduled for Sunday and a memorial service for Monday afternoon in a Brockway High School auditorium, said Melissa Shugarts, of Carlson-Shugarts Funeral Home Inc.

    Kimberly Peterson died along with five of her children: Rebecca Peterson, 17; Douglas Peterson III, 13; Isaac Peterson, 8; Grace Peterson, 6; and Lillian Peterson, 11 months.

    Also killed were Cailyn Watson, 4 months, who was Rebecca Peterson's daughter; Domanic Dellulo, 4; Desiree Delullo, 2; and Jason Mowry, 19. The Dellulos were the children of Elizabeth Peterson. Mowry was a family friend.

    According to Douglas Peterson Sr., Elizabeth, also helped awaken the rest of the family, including her mother. Kimberly Peterson had gone to retrieve the two smallest children.

    Elizabeth, meanwhile, managed to get up onto a roof, he said. She later jumped down from the second floor and ran naked and screaming for help, witnesses said.

    "She said, 'Grandpa, they were gone,'" Peterson said, recounting a conversation with Elizabeth moments after he arrived. "I said, 'That's what the smoke does, honey. They took one gulp and they were gone.'"

    Friends and neighbors grieved with the family. Douglas Peterson Sr. said many have offered donations and pans of food.

    "Brockway is a small town. Everyone bands together," said Linda Foringer, a vice president at the Priority First Credit Union, which set up a charitable fund for the victims.

    Monique Monteville, whose children had played sports with some of the victims, brought heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears to the house Friday afternoon. She left them with investigators, who placed them on the concrete front steps.

    Classes and other normal activities went on as scheduled at area schools. Students were excused for the day if needed, and grief counselors were on standby.

    Painful reminders were everywhere.

    Outside the kindergarten classroom of 6-year-old Grace Peterson, one of the victims, was a recent handwritten assignment in which students were asked where they would want to go if they had a plane ticket. "I want to go to North Pole," Grace scribbled.

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    07.18.18 @ 09:15 PM
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    Very sad.
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    07.17.18 @ 12:16 PM
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    Very sad indeed. RIP
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    03.11.12 @ 11:55 AM
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    Very sad indeed. RIP.
    When I read this, the first thing that hit me was that they hadnt had gas service for 3 years. And then the quote about it being a small town and everyone helping out. Im just curious why no one helped keep the gas on, especially the grandfather, who as a volunteer firefighter, would know all about the dangers of space heaters.
    And before you respond, please note I said IM CURIOUS, not accusing. I have no idea about the background of all this. It just appears to have been an avoidable tragedy.
    Either way, my heart goes out to those poor kids who just lost their entire family.
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