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Thread: spear guitars

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    Default spear guitars

    ive seen some sterling reviews of these guitars recently
    they're a korean company, their prices are very good for the specs and
    all solid construction (no plywood or composites). i recon with a pup change and some decent locking tuners you could have a very gigable backup guitar for not much cash.
    the model im considering is the spear gladius sp mahogony body with an open pore spalted maple top and a 5piece canadian maple and mahogony through neck (unfinished like the wolfie and ebmm) and all for under £330!!!
    heres the direct link to the guitar,
    and the u.k distributors site is im not sure of any u.s. importers at this time but im sure there will be some coz these guitars look reasonable.......f**k it im buying one today i'll change the pups n let y'all know

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