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    Default I need a neck (OLP FrankenBall project)

    I've had this project done for a while. I bought a damaged OLP MM1 at a Musician's Friend scratch & dent store about a year ago for cheap. When I bought it the strings were pressed up against the neck (that's how out of wack it was). But I bought it as a project and put a Frankie paint job on it and it looks good and I got the neck and action adjusted to where it's playable. I actually really like the sound and feel of the guitar. But the neck has never been quite right. I can get it pretty close for a while, but the next day it'll be buzzing all over again. I've also noticed that the slightest climate change throws it out of wack too.

    Anyway...I need a new neck that'll fit the OLP body. I'm pretty sure Frankenstraat used to sell them, but I've noticed they've disappeared from that site. I've seen the occasional OLP neck on EBAY, but I wouldn't mind an upgrade. Anyone know of any other sites?

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    Forum member, Scott Fletcher, builds some nice EBMM replicas and may be able to help you out.

    From what I remember, there is a difference in the thickness of the heel on the MM1 vs. the MM1F so you may want to take a moment to measure.



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