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    Elementary students charged in plot against bus driver

    Lebanon, Conn. — Two Lebanon Elementary School students, ages 7 and 8, carried knives to school in their backpacks Friday for a planned attack on their bus driver, state police said.

    Two of the students were arrested Friday after one used a knife to threaten a kindergartner on the bus ride to school, police said. Police said a third student, age 7, was arrested Monday for involvement in the plot against the bus driver.

    On Friday morning, several students reported to the main office at Lebanon Elementary School that they had seen a third-grader, age 8, on the bus with a knife threatening a kindergartner, police said. The third-grader was brought to the office and a knife was found in a backpack, according to the school’s school resource officer, a state trooper.

    Police discovered a second knife in the backpack of a second-grade student, age 7, police said. The students admitted they had planned to assault the bus driver with a third student, police said.

    All three students were charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree reckless endangerment. The two students arrested Friday face additional charges related to the threats and discovery of weapons.

    The students were released to the custody of their parents and referred to juvenile court in Waterford.
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