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    07.28.13 @ 12:39 PM
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    Whip Guy cracks burglary case

    I'm a good friend and bandmate of this guy, and knew what was going on since December. Cool that he gets some recognition for his efforts and even better that he recovered his Mac, tape drives and backup disks for all his graphic design jobs. Really one of the nicest guys whose hard work and years of struggling financially are beginning to pay off.

    Whip Guy cracks burglary case

    Published Sunday, March 02, 2008

    A few months ago, Chris and Laura Camp’s Springfield home was burglarized. About $35,000 worth of their belongings were taken. But some good detective work eventually resulted in a break in the case.

    The case was broken by Chris himself. He found some of their stolen items for sale on eBay. Two people have been arrested, one of them a former babysitter for the Camps. Her mother was their housekeeper.
    Chris is better known as The Whip Guy. He travels the country, performing expertly with his whips. He has performed on “The Tonight Show.” He set the world record for the most whip cracks in one minute (212) at the 2004 Illinois State Fair.

    He and Laura were on the road in the middle of October when the burglary took place. They discovered it when they returned home. The Springfield Police Department came, made a list of what was missing and began investigating. So did Chris.

    Chris works out of his home as a graphic designer. But his computers were taken in the burglary and that put him out of business for a while. The thieves also took some rare items, including a Chet Atkins Gibson guitar. While playing the guitar one night, Chris accidentally put a couple of holes in the back of it.

    Chris surfed eBay on the one-in-a-million chance that someone might be dumb enough to put the stolen goods up for sale there. He searched specifically for some of the rare things, such as the guitar, that had been taken. That is how he happened to find the listing for his own guitar for sale, complete with a photograph of it that showed the holes. It had to be his.

    “What really happened for me, right off the bat to say this was them, was the picture of the guitar,” Chris says.

    The seller’s eBay name was another strong clue. The seller was Marykayandmore. Laura Camp is a Mary Kay cosmetics representative. Much of her inventory was stolen in the burglary.

    Chris called the police department to tell them what he had found. He says didn’t get much of a response on his first try. But a second attempt reached the desk of Detective Shane Overby.

    Regular citizens cannot gain access to the identities of eBay sellers. However, law enforcement can. Overby did that and found that Marykayandmore was Amberlynn Hamm of Springfield. At the same time, a CrimeStoppers tipster pointed the finger at a suspect in the burglary, Chris Wortley of Springfield.

    Wortley, on parole at the time of the burglary, lived with Amberlynn Hamm, the daughter of the Camps’ housekeeper. Things were falling into place.

    Parole agents, briefed by the police ahead of time on their suspicions, paid a routine visit to Wortley at the house he shared with Hamm. There, the agents spotted some of the stolen items. The police then arrested Wortley and Hamm. They are free on bond while awaiting a May 27 trial date on a felony charge of theft.

    The Camps dismissed Tiffany Hamm, Amberlynn’s mother. Though Tiffany Hamm didn’t have

    anything to do with the burglary, keeping her would have been too much of a reminder for the Camps. Another woman, a secretary for Laura, was also let go. It was difficult, but the Camps are understandably gun-shy about having other people in their home these days.

    “When I first called the police department about what I found, it was a Friday, they just said there’s nothing they can do,” Chris Camp says. “But I was so angry about all this I didn’t take that as a good answer.

    “I called back on Monday and finally got ahold of the right person. Shane Overby jumped on it right away. I gave him what I knew, then the CrimeStoppers tip turned up at the same time.”

    At the end of December, the police returned almost all of what was stolen — the computers and the guitar and rare DVDs, oriental robes and Mary Kay inventory.

    Chris and Laura are awaiting the outcome of the case with mixed emotions. They want to put it all behind them, but they cannot until there is a resolution to the case. Even then, Chris says, it will always be there.

    “Since this happened,” Chris says, “the graphic design stuff is kind of fading into the background. Maybe I’m supposed to do the whip thing full-time. Maybe it’s a sign from God that I’m not supposed to have a computer.”

    It is a good thing he had one after the burglary.

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    Score one for the good guys...once again. Out.

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    03.02.10 @ 02:28 PM
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    Now that's the kind of detective work that can usually only be found in fiction. Now in addition to being a crack whippersnapper, graphic designer and musician your friend can add amateur sleuth to his resume!
    Mr. Horseradish courtesy of the International Horseradish Council and Brett.



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