To the Boys,
I know that advice from outside 5150 let alone from someone you don't even know is a waste of time...but I thought I would throw out a few ideas into your creative fire!
Today I dug out a tape I haven't listened to in quite some time..It was a tape of you guys back in your "Club" days...Incredible!... I have forgotten how good those unrecorded treasures sound! I'll refresh your memory and give you guys a list of those tunes....

In For The Kill
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Wild Fire
Eyes in the Night
Shot Down In Flames
Bullet Head
and Voodoo Queen (a really cool variation of Mean Street)

There was also some cool versions "House of Pain" and "I'm on Fire"... even a cover of an Elvis tune!!!

Guys...If you read this...tap into these un-recorded tunes and modernize them! They are so cool...It's unfortunate that these were never released!! So much Raw energy!!! This is what we are all waiting for!

Thanks for your time