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    07.21.18 @ 04:30 PM
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    Default *** Orlando Reviews ***

    Reviews only. The abyss is watching.

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    07.21.18 @ 07:12 AM
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    Just got home from the show. I saw them in 2007 in NJ and compared to that they are definately looser. DLR had a nice Ice Cream Man intro. But in the middle of the show the sound went or my ears shut down. The music got muddied for awhile. It seems like they had the same vocal issues during mid concert like the last ones.

    On a personal level it was a concert of a lifetime. I hope the abyss doesn't suck up this post . I did the 5 star ticket. I wanted my nine year old son to see VH. Well leading up this whole week I told him we had bad seats and he needed binoculars ( I made him bring them). I jokingly asked him about what would he do if he was close to the band and what would he do. He was wondering if Wolfgang was going to see him.After seeing videos on youtube of the tour he was always asking me about Wolfgang and took a liking to him because he was EVH's son. Well our seats ended up 2 rows infront of Wolfie. My son was happy I was more of damn wrong side, I was wrong. All I can say is Wolfgang saw him during then concert and pointed to him and threw a pick to him. It fluttered and my son was able to get it. As I look up Wolf is making sure that my son got the pick. My son was on cloud nine. At the end of the concert Wolfgang rolled up his sleeve and takes off his sweatband and points to me to make sure my son gets it and threw it to him and he did get it.

    All I can say is a HUGE Thank You to Wolfgang.

    For other 5 star info it will be posted in the 5 star thread.

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    09.30.15 @ 04:19 AM
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    I also took my son last night to the Orlando show. It as my 10th time seeing VH, the first being back on the Diver Down tour. It was his first concert and he loved it. I was a little less impressed. There were some songs that they seemed to just nail - Romeo, SGMAD, Atomic Punk was outstanding! Little Guitars was almost unrecoginizable, the intro to Mean Street was really odd, and Eddie seemed more interested in experimenting in his solo than actually playing those classic riffs.
    I never thought I would say this, but Dave was outstanding! He sang the songs, showed a ton of energy, and really seemed to be engoying himself.
    The place was packed, I did not see an empty seat.
    Rack of what?

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    01.06.13 @ 07:51 PM
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    Wow! What a night, what a show, what a great time!
    Can't say much more than what's already been said on a lot of the other review threads, but here's my VH 2008 experience afterthoughts....
    -Best I've seen them in years, actually the best I've seen them EVER. Still in shock that I got to see a DLR fronted Van Halen. Just awesome.
    -Wolfgang is AMAZING on the bass. I was really enjoying watching him play. The little solo he does at the beginning of So this is Love is great! The kid has INCREDIBLE chops for only being 16!! And you can tell how proud Eddie is.
    -Dave has solidified his position as Rockstar Legend, and not rock n roll has-been. BEST FRONTMAN in the history of the sport. Case closed.
    -Eddie and Alex have definitely aged the most since I last saw them, and although the energy is different, the passion is still there.
    -Dave did the intro rap to Ice Cream Man...very cool.
    -Eddie's solo was 316, Little Guitars, some noodling and Eruption.
    All in all one of the most memorable nights of my life. My ENTIRE family went to the show...Brothers, sister, my sister's husband and kids...Even my parents, who are their 60s went! And all of them loved EVERY minute of it!!
    I'm taking my 11 year old daughter to the show in Atlantic City in March. I can't wait for that and I know she's gonna have the time of her life.
    Long live the Mighty Van Halen!!
    "The music of Van Halen is vital."-David Lee Roth-1978

    VH Shows....
    10-22-1988 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
    10-15-1991 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
    10-16-1991 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
    04-28-1995 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
    05-24-1998 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
    09-09-2004 - Tampa Forum - Tampa, FL
    02-14-2008 - Amway Arena - Orlando, FL
    05-09-2008 - Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City, NJ
    04-12-2012 - Amway Center - Orlando, FL



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