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    11.19.17 @ 08:41 AM
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    Default Sharia law in the UK

    This has been all over the news here.

    The archbishop of Canterbury has made some pretty controversial comments regarding the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law to cater for the large Muslim population living here.

    Regardless of religion or any other factor, I always thought the same law should apply to all yet, it is now coming out that in London especially, that Sharia courts have already been used within Muslim communities, operating completely independently of the official judicial system.

    A man could lose himself in a country like this.

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    10.23.15 @ 03:49 PM
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    Assimilation never seems to register with certain groups. If you move into another country where the laws are different than what you are used to dealing with, you adapt. If you don't like the way a country is ran, don't move there. Stay where people and the laws are more to your liking.

    Then again, we do have different laws from state to state but they all have to be within the frame work of the Constitution or they can be contested clear up to the Supreme Court. If the Sharia law is within the frame work of UK law, then it shouldn't be a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveevhsince79 View Post
    Assimilation never seems to register with certain groups. If you move into another country where the laws are different than what you are used to dealing with, you adapt. If you don't like the way a country is ran, don't move there. Stay where people and the laws are more to your liking.
    You know - I totally agree. I'm not against keeping your ethnic roots and all, but having to listen to Indians and Pakis blabbering on and on in their jibberish pisses me right off. They won't even bother trying to learn to speak English so that other people would actually understand what they're going on about.

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    10.09.12 @ 01:50 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by loveevhsince79 View Post
    Assimilation never seems to register with certain groups. If you move into another country where the laws are different than what you are used to dealing with, you adapt. If you don't like the way a country is ran, don't move there. Stay where people and the laws are more to your liking.

    Then again, we do have different laws from state to state but they all have to be within the frame work of the Constitution or they can be contested clear up to the Supreme Court. If the Sharia law is within the frame work of UK law, then it shouldn't be a problem.
    English law explicitly allows for the mutual settlement of civil disputes, as long as all parties are in agreement which hasn't been coerced. So while there's certainly a part of me that thinks this would be a bad move, it certainly doesn't mean Muslims will be allowed to stone adulterers to death, or do anything contrary to criminal law for that matter.
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    07.20.18 @ 11:34 AM
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    Default Muslims Demanding Their Own Sharia Patrols In Michigan

    Muslims Demanding Their Own Sharia Patrols In Michigan.

    Slanted Source;


    Not so slanted source regarding the incident;

    DEARBORN — This week's city council meeting started out on a positive note as the city honored former Seattle Seahawks assistant coach and Dearborn native Robert Saleh for his recent Super Bowl victory. However, the atmosphere at City Hall took a bizarre turn after a local Arab American confronted the council on what he said were "troubling issues in the city."

    The meeting kicked off with Mayor Jack O'Reilly giving Saleh a key to the city as well as a proclamation in front of his family and friends. Saleh, who grew up in the city and graduated from Fordson High School, was a defensive quality control coach for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. He recently accepted another offer with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars to be their linebackers coach. O’Reilly said the presentation was the city’s way of showing that “our hearts are with him."

    The highlight of the evening came at the very end during the public comment section, when a local Arab American took the podium to address concerns he had with the city. The man, who identified himself as Hassan, stated that he lived in Westland but had concerns he wanted to address as an individual who works in the city. He refused to publicly give his address fearing for the safety of his family.

    After referencing Prophet Muhammad and loudly chanting Islamic prayers, Hassan said that the city needed to monitor neighborhood parks around the clock because people have been using them to conduct sexual activities. Council President Susan Dabaja, however, told him that the city doesn't have the resources or money for increased security at parks and asked him to move on to his next point.

    Hassan also stated that there were magazines and newspapers at the public libraries and civic center that can "cause colossal damage to a child's health," asking the city to review and monitor literature before they are distributed. Dabaja cited that freedom of speech laws exist and that parents, not the city, should monitor what their children read.

    "These issues are not relevant to this body," Councilman Thomas Tafelski added, looking frustrated.

    Hassan was told he needed to speed up his message to the council because, according to council rules, an individual is limited to three minutes of speaking time during the public comments portion of the meeting. Hassan proceeded to address concerns he has regarding discrimination against Arabs in the city. He cited his current place of employment as an example.

    "There is no political correctness contained and there is so much harassment towards Muslims and Arabs," Hassan said.

    Dabaja, however, was quick to tell him that his points were out of line and not issues that the council usually tackles.

    "If you have concerns about your supervisor, then go ahead and seek the advice of legal counsel. This is not something that we as a body can address," Dabaja stated before telling the individual that his time on the floor had expired.
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    by Donna Rachel Edmunds

    22 Feb 2015

    Baroness Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in Cabinet, used her position to set up a government advisory panel stuffed with Islamist ‘entryists’, it has been claimed. The Cross-Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred, set up by Warsi and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, includes a number of people with links to extremist organisations.

    Some members are using their positions on the Working Group to push for bans on hate preachers entering Britain to be lifted, including Zakir Naik, who has stated that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”. Another has links to the anti-Semitic group which has been lobbying for a hardline Muslim mega-mosque to be built in London; yet another has links to an organisation described as a “political front from the Muslim Brotherhood,” The Times has reported.

    Fiyaz Mughal, the head of Tell Mama, a national organisation which monitors anti-Muslim attacks, resigned from the group in protest at it’s activities. He told the Telegraph: “I was deeply concerned about the kinds of groups some of the members had connections with, and some of the groups they were recommending be brought into government. It seemed to me to be a form of entryism, by people with no track record in delivering projects.”

    Another member said: “The working group was Sayeeda [Warsi]’s personal project and she was responsible for the appointments. There was very little transparency about who was put on.”

    One of the most prominent members of the group is Muddassar Ahmed, a former senior activist of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, an extremist militant organisation which waged anti-Semitic campaigns against “Zionist” Labour politicians Jack Straw and Lorna Fitzsimons. Ms Fitzsimons, former MP for Rochdale, lost her seat after MPAC delivered thousands of leaflets to her Muslim voters saying that they should sack her because she is Jewish, although she is not.

    Mr Ahmed defended himself on the grounds that his “regrettable” MPAC involvement had been “many years in the past”, and claimed not to have been involved in the campaign against Ms Fitzsimons, concentrating on the campaign against Mr Straw instead. He claimed to be a “very different person from what I was then”, and drew support from the government, who insisted that Mr Ahmed had “disassociated himself” from MPAC and it’s “approach” to politics.

    But Mr Ahmed, through his PR company Unitas Communications, has more recently been involved in the Newham People’s Alliance, a campaign group formed to press for the creation of a mega-mosque in East London which Tablighi Jamaat, a conservative Islamist sect wants to set up. The NPA conducted an anti-Semitic campaign against Newham Borough’s Mayor, Sir Robin Wales, whom they nicknamed “dirty Robin”, branding him a “Zionist” and racist, and saying that no Muslim should vote for him. It also blockaded Newham Town Hall when the plans for the mosque were refused planning permission.

    Meanwhile the NPA has also shown support for Lutfur Rahmen, the Mayor of neighbouring borough Tower Hamlets who has been linked to extremism and accused of vote rigging, saying that Newham should be more like Tower Hamlets.

    “It was a very vicious campaign, with a lot of lying and making things up, and they were close allies of Lutfur,” said Sir Robin last night. “Muddassar Ahmed wanted to stand as candidate for us [Labour], but we blocked him because of his background.”

    The NPA was represented at the planning enquiry into the mosque last June by Mr Ahmed and others from Unitas Communications. “The NPA were very unpleasant and bullying people to deal with,” said Alan Craig, a former Newham councillor who led a rival campaign MegaMosque No Thanks at the inquiry. The planning appeal will be decided by the Department for Communities and Local Government, the department in which the Working Group on which Mr Ahmed sits is based.

    Mr Ahmed has since distanced himself from the NPA, saying that he was not responsible for their behaviour and that they were a “very loose group, a group of guys we grew up with who asked us to help them out at the planning inquiry. Tablighi Jamaat have never been linked to any sort of extremism and we have got to be careful not to alienate them from mainstream discourse.” He insisted that he and Unitas had not been paid by the sect nor anyone else.

    Other members of the working group include Iqbal Bhana who has repeatedly praised the Islamic Human Rights Commission for their work. The IHRC has spoken in defence of Abu Hamza, claiming that he was “demonised” and calling his conviction for terrorism in America an example of the “double standards of the British justice system in relation to Muslims”.

    Also on the working group is Iftikhar Awan, a former trustee of Islamic Relief, which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Sarah Joseph, a former spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which the government broke ties with thanks to its association with Islamists.

    Other members have tried to get the government to rebuild the relationship with the MCB, and also with the Cordoba Foundation, which was described by David Cameron as a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

    One group member who has opposed these attempts has said “Civil servants in the DCLG resisted strongly. They kept saying that there was nothing showing a change in the voice and opinions of these groups. But they were under tremendous pressure from Warsi.”

    Lady Warsi, a former solicitor who stood unsuccessfully for Parliament in 2004, was elevated to the Peerage in 2007. Three years later, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron appointed her to the Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio; she later joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a Senior Minister before her resignation in 2014 over what she termed the Government’s “morally indefensible” policy on Gaza.

    During that time she sparked controversy with her views on the integration of Muslims into British life; in 2011 she claimed that Islamphobia had “passed the dinner table test” and was “widespread and rising”. despite police figures showing that anti-Muslim hate crimes are very much in the minority.

    In fact, anti-faith hate crimes, which include hate crimes directed at people of all faiths, make up just 5 percent of the total, and figures from the Metropolitan Police Force, which is the only force to categorise hate crimes by target, found that Jews and gays were four times more likely than Muslims to be targeted.

    Nonetheless, by 2012 Lady Warsi, along with Nick Clegg, had put together the Working Group, which still continues despite her resignation. It is based in the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and includes officials from there, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, the Department for Education, the Foreign Office and the Crown Prosecution Service.
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